Soundcraft ‘Mixing with Professionals’ set to take place at Music Mania, Pukekohe.

Local Music Instrument Store Music Mania in Pukekohe hosted a successful round of the popular Soundcraft ‘Mixing with Professionals’ which was presented by JPRO, the authorised distributor for Soundcraft in New Zealand.

Suitable for musicians and beginner to intermediate sound engineers, Mixing with Professionals is held in a casual environment and focuses on the basics of sound mixing, providing tips and tricks to get a great sound mix.

The workshops are presented by Tim Robertson from JPRO. Tim worked as an audio engineer with well-known bands in New Zealand for more than 20 years before representing JPRO with Soundcraft, JBL and AKG. He is well-versed in educating, training and lecturing people of all skill-sets in understanding audio.

Enquiries for future Mixing with Professionals workshops can be made here.

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