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The tour sound market is an incredibly tough environment for both the user and the equipment with many unique challenges presented to providers of live audio. Tight schedules, ever varying environments and constantly increasing demands mean the audio gear and technology needs to be of ever increasing quality and equally robust construction.

JPRO has both the equipment and the experience to recommend the right tools for the job, from corporate speech event to meeting the stringent international tech riders of pro touring engineers and artists.

In an industry where you can’t take chances with unproven products you know you can count on our systems to provide excellent sound with unmatched accuracy – night after night – without fail.

Services for Tour Sound

  • Audio Production Training – full range from international touring to local gigs
  • JBL Pro VTX  Specialists
  • Soundcraft Vi Specialists
  • NZ wide on-the-ground support
  • Full service support for Soundcraft Vi Consoles

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NZ JBL Pro Tour Sound Users

The VTX A-Series is JBL’s next-generation tour sound solution for mid- to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. The VTX A-Series was designed from scratch to address, not only audio aspects, but the full scope of challenges of modern tour sound professionals, rental companies, FOH engineers and live production crews.

JBL VTX tour sound systems can be heard throughout New Zealand:

North Island

South Island

NZ Soundcraft Vi Digital Console Users

The Soundcraft Vi Series was designed to have the easiest-to-use digital console workflow on the market.  This is why the Vi Range of digital consoles continue to be a sought after by the top engineers in New Zealand and the world over.

Soundcraft Vi digital console systems can be found throughout New Zealand:

North Island

South Island


Bay Dreams Festival

“This is easily the most impressive event we have ever put together, I am ecstatic.”

Bay Dreams Festival

JBL VTX Delivers at Good Vibes Music Festival

“We had multiple venues that demanded a specific combination of audio systems, so we used an assortment of JBL VTX loudspeakers, delivering energetic and full sound despite tight SPL restrictions”

JBL VTX Delivers at Good Vibes Music Festival

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