Tim Robertson

Tour Sound Sales Manager

Tim has over 20 years’ experience in the audio industry and has worked for New Zealand’s two largest audio companies – College Hill and Oceania Audio as well as a freelance engineer to smaller organisations.

Supplementing his live sound work, Tim has been involved in many audio installations for over 150 venues in New Zealand including schools, bars, churches, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

Tim joined JPRO in February 2013 and brings a wide range of technical skills, knowledge and the ability to understand what customers are wanting and need to achieve their project goals.

Tim’s career began at S.A.E gaining a Diploma in Audio Engineering. As a house tech in Auckland in the early 90’s Tim learnt a great deal about what it means to have a functional and flexible in-house system to work with. After a couple of years Tim left the security of regular employment to become a freelance engineer.

For the next 15 years, Tim toured the country with a wide range of national and international acts in a range of roles covering Front of House (FOH), monitors, systems tech and even stage managing on the odd occasion. He has also been a part of some large format events including Big Day Out, Homegrown and Rhythm n Vines. Tim has been fortunate enough to work with major international acts such as The Who, Tom Jones, Bon Jovi and Disturbed to name a few. One of the highlights for Tim, was spending 5 years with New Zealand chart toppers Opshop, helping them to build their profile and grow their sound and reputation as a world class act.

  • SynAudCon Core Principles of Audio
  • EASE certification
  • Studer Vista Certification
  • Soundweb Level 2

“We’ve known and worked with Tim Robertson for many many years, first in his capacity as an independent front of house engineer mixing bands and later on as a valuable employee.

His love of music combined with his knowledge and appreciation of the physics that buttress the ‘art’ is none too common a thing. His in-depth awareness of the ‘big picture’, as well as the fine details, made him a fantastic addition to any job he was on.

Often referred to as ’skippy’, Tim could be seen dancing across the stage to fix something that, would have become a problem, within 30 seconds. Having him as a person to call at JPRO is refreshing, you can be sure he understands what you mean when you have a problem that needs solving and that he knows what he’s on about when he recommends equipment to you.”

Chris Tate, Director, College Hill Productions

Tim Robertson
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