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Portable PA systems are designed to sound great while being easy to carry, setup, and tear down. Portable public address systems are used in a variety of applications, including sound reinforcement and stage monitoring for events,  fitness center classes, speech amplification, musicians and DJs, amplification of electronic musical instruments and A/V, and more.

With a wide range of solutions for any size application, JPRO’s brands can get you up and running with crystal-clear audio in no time.

JPRO Services for Portable PA Solutions

  • JPRO has a team on ground somewhere near you
  • Full service and support from NZ
  • Large spare part stock holding in NZ
  • JPRO supports all manufacturers warranties

Portable PA for DJ Hire

As a DJ Hire company you could be setting up for a school ball one night, a wedding the next and a corporate gig mid week. Systems need to be easy to carry, lightweight, easy to set up and pack down and of course sound great.

In an industry where you can’t take chances with unproven products, you know you can count on our JPRO’s legendary brands and systems to provide excellent sound with unmatched accuracy – night after night – without fail.

Portable PA for Education

JPRO’s legendary brand JBL Professional can provide some of the most versatile portable powered PA products on the market.  Sports events on the field to school productions or assemblies in the auditorium – JBL Professional has a product that will work for your school.  JPRO also has a quick and easy finance option if that would work better for your school.

Portable PA for Musicians

With all-in-one portable PA systems from JBL, performers can quickly setup and focus on entertaining the crowd.  You know with JBL that your system will sound great and because JBL has been doing this for over 80 years you know your product will be well made and work night after night for years to come.

Portable PA for Corporate

Ensure your meeting is a success – whether it’s a meeting with clients or an internal presentation, having the right audio can make or break any corporate event.  JBL Professional offers a range of portable PA solutions that can quickly and easily turn any space into a presentation space.


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