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The history of cinema sound has long been directly linked to the ingenuity and commitment of the JBL Professional research and development team to provide groundbreaking loudspeaker systems for the film industry.

Today’s film audiences expect a full immersion theatre experience with surround sound that delivers ultimate realism. JBL and Crown have joined forces to create the essential cost effective solution for today’s multi-channel dynamic audio experience. No other manufacturer provides a wider, more cost-effective range of solutions to take on the demands of modern cinema sound reproduction than JBL Professional.

JPRO Services for Cinema

  • Audio design and technical support based here in NZ
  • On-going support, service and training
  • Computer modelling evidence to support our designs
  • Full support from the Harman Professional Cinema team

Medium to Large Format

Medium to Large format NZ theaters can range in size from 100-seat theaters to larger 400-seat rooms, and getting the perfect experience in every space requires a flexible, scalable solution. No matter your requirements, HARMAN technologies can be adjusted to fit any space and provide the “wow” your customers love to hear.

Small Format

Small format theaters want to deliver the same “big theater” performance as other venues in a simple and cost-effective solution. With HARMAN audio technology, cinemas can ensure every seat in every theater has a great experience.

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VIP Rooms

The intimate environment of a VIP Room requires the best possible sound quality, and HARMAN’s top-of-the-line technology puts the audience right in the action. HARMAN VIP Room systems are the industry’s gold standard, providing the ultimate in clarity, detail, and impact.

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Immersive Rooms

Immersive rooms vary in their needs and dimensions, but the goal is always the same: make the audience feel like it’s in the middle of the action.  JBL DSi amplifiers complement the JBL speakers, and you can even add a Lexicon QLI system, which intelligently creates immersive environments from stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 inputs.  You can also use JBL’s cinema solutions in conjunction with immersive formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.  The impact, clarity and precise positioning of audio that’s possible with a JBL Professional Solution make it the clear choice for immersive theaters.

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Private Cinema at The Palms Lifestyle Village

“We tried our hand at several products before relying on JBL Professional for our cinema solutions. We knew that this project would have a premium result.”

Private Cinema at The Palms Lifestyle Village

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