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JPRO has been designing AV systems for Churches and Houses of Worship for over 35 years, so we understand that sound and video reproduction is a very important factor on any given service, whether it’s the worship component or the spoken word. Due to these differing dynamics it’s very important that the sound system, delivers consistent and even coverage to every seat in the house.

Through our years of experience and the investment in 3D acoustic modelling software we are able to provide proof of concept in relation to system design and performance, detailing frequency response and SPL variation before the first cable is run.

JPRO Services for Houses of Worship

  • World-leading Design with Local Support
  • JBL Loudspeaker Design using 3D Acoustic Modelling
  • Digital Consoles, Stage Boxes and Training
  • System Tuning, Commissioning, Training and on-going Support and Service
  • FREE AV Workshops for Houses of Worship
  • Layer 3 network design
  • Hearing loop design and technical support more info
  • Computer modelling evidence to support our designs – this takes the guess work out of how the system will behave in your venue
  • Nationwide network of Trusted System Installers

JBL Professional Installed Audio Suite

JBL Professional has one of the largest range of installed audio loudspeakers in the industry.  From Line Arrays to Beam Steering Arrays to Ceiling speakers – all designed in-house from the ground up for the specific task it was intended.  That is why JBL Professional loudspeakers sound so good.  Combined with JPRO’s post installation Commissioning Service to really bring out the best of the speakers installed – your worship space will really engage your congregation.

Watch this short “Art of Crafting Sound” video from JBL

World-Class Design With Local Support

JPRO can design a world-class AV system for your worship space using state-of-the-art design software and then we work closely with your local AV Integrator (or we can recommend one for you) for on-the-ground installation and support.

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Designing AV Systems For The Future

In the initial consultation process we have learnt the questions to ask to ensure we get not only the performance of the system right, but also the daily functionality required whether you are traditional or modern worship, have a single Chapel or a multi-room venue and we will also assess any existing equipment that may be able to be re-purposed.

JPRO understands that good stewardship is an important factor in any decision. So we also like to discuss the vision for the future, and then design a system that is going to be expandable, to cater for future growth and changes.


Tauranga Elim Church

“JPRO were always available to assist and answer all our questions, they understood our brief and we feel that their depth of knowledge and experience resulted in the outcome we enjoy today. The sound is amazing.”

Tauranga Elim Church

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