ILT Southland Stadium is a multi-use venue featuring a world-class network audio sound system

In September, 2010, Mother Nature dealt a cruel blow to the southern region. The roof of Southland Stadium collapsed under the heaviest snowfall seen in decades, causing extensive damage to the main arena and seven community courts. From adversity has sprung a new stunning multi purpose venue, capable of conducting a wide range of event modes from large scale concerts to sporting events and exhibitions.

The main SBS Sports Arena in the stadium has a capacity of 4,500, with retractable seating. The stadium also has eleven other community basketball, netball and volleyball courts, four rebound Ace tennis courts, four squash courts and several business / function rooms.

The audio equipment is installed in two racks. The first, in the main plant room, consists of three BSS BLU series processors – a BLU-800 for processing, two BLU-120’s for input and output expansion, and two Crown CTS8200CN multi-channel, Cobranet amplifiers.

Minimizing cable run lengths was an important aspect of the stadium system design, so the second equipment rack was located on the gantry level above the stadium floor. This rack houses a second BLU-800 processor, a BLU-BOB and eleven Crown MacroTech HD amplifiers. Audio transport between the two rack locations is via Cobranet digital networked audio.

Twenty two JBL Precision Directivity PD5322 speakers cover the main arena seating. These are switchable in pairs for maximum flexibility and level matching through the stands, and to allow areas to be turned off when not in use.

The Community Courts and foyer are covered by JBL CBT-70J speakers, and other areas supplemented by JBL Control 47C/T in-ceiling speakers and Control 67HC-T high ceiling pendant speakers.

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