Pro AV For Work-At-Home Professionals

The year 2020 has been like no other. We have been compelled to consider all technologies around remote working, teaching and learning as a result of COVID19.

This means that the need for clear, easily heard sound in conference (video) calling is vitally important. Poor audio can ruin your meeting experience. How many times have you struggled to make out what a person is saying during a video or audio call?

Many people attempt to use the in-built speaker and microphone when sharing a conversation with others - the poor quality experience of the call is often as a result of relying on these - often because of a lack of understanding to what better solutions there are or because of complex equipment set up.

We take a look at what useful communication tools there are (that do not break the bank) that will help you to be clearly heard and seen no matter where it is you're working (or social distancing) from.

AKG K361/371 Bluetooth Headphones for VOIP or Phone Calling

The new AKG K300 range of headphones offer two variants - the K361/K371 wired headphones and K361BT/K371BT Bluetooth version. K361-BT and K371-BT are the first AKG headphones to combine pro-grade performance, Bluetooth functionality and comfort in a closed-back, over-the-ear, folding design that are perfectly suited for work and play. The earpads across the range are designed for extended listening sessions, providing supreme comfort over the ear. They help isolate from some external distractions, allowing personal space to focus.

The Bluetooth headphones are extremely versatile – they are reference quality with the convenience of Bluetooth that can be used wireless or wired. They have a built-in microphone for VOIP, video or mobile calling, featuring gesture control, 40-hour battery life and you can fold them up for easy portability. As with all AKG headphone and microphone technologies they sound fantastic.

AKG LYRA Multimode USB Microphone for VOIP or Video Calls

Clear sound starts at the source. A standalone microphone will almost always sound dramatically better than the one that’s built into your laptop or phone.

When working remotely, being heard clearly is the name of the game. Microphones on laptops and PC's should be avoided as far as possible due to their poor quality and risk of picking up unwanted noise interference. The AKG Lyra is designed to provide exceptional audio for streaming platforms and is a cost effective USB microphone solution for VOIP, Zoom, Teams, Skype and Hangouts calls. It acts as an audio interface for your PC, Mac, phone or tablet to capture any sound in Ultra HD-grade audio. You have quick access to a mute button without fumbling for a mouse and headphones connect directly on the microphone.

Inspired by classic studio microphones like the legendary AKG C414, AKG Lyra has a sleek, retro look with future-oriented application, allowing users to look like a professional and sound like one too.

Entrepreneur Pat Flynn and Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative take the AKG Lyra for a test run and record their outcome.

AKG Lyra - Easy to set up and use for web conferencing

JBL 104BT Desktop Speaker Set with Bluetooth

Providing clarity far above that of a laptop or computer that enable you to follow the conversation, JBL’s 104 Series powered desktop speaker set is now available with Bluetooth in a stylish matte white or matte black finish. The 104BT can be used for both consumer and critical audio listening, as well as anyone looking for accurate, yet portable monitors.

In addition to Bluetooth, these speakers offer a variety of inputs and can be used in conjunction with the AKG Lyra USB microphone for Zoom, Teams, Skype and Hangouts calls. Should you need to have discrete audio, a headphone can be connected via the front panel of the speaker.

AMX Acendo Video Conference Solution

An ideal solution for executives and smaller meeting spaces. If you are conducting business meetings by video conferencing and want an excellent sound and picture experience for you and your customer, without the need for headphones, then the AMX Acendo Vibe is an elegant solution. It can easily be used in a small workspace or taken home for remote working.

The first total conferencing sound bar solution designed specifically for the demands of the modern workspace. JBL speakers tuned for conference calling and microphones deliver experienced audio, a wide-angle camera catches every movement in the space, and professional features like CEC display control, USB and convenient Bluetooth connectivity ensure an optimised experience.

Acendo Vibe is available in two variants, as a conference soundbar or as a conference soundbar and camera solution.

Soundcraft Notepad Mixers with USB Audio Interface

Soundcraft Notepad is the reimagined version of the legendary Soundcraft Spirit Folio Notepad Mixers released in the 1990s, updated with a modern look and USB connectivity that make them equally at home on your desktop or on-the-go.

Reimagined with today’s online streamers in mind, the Notepad mixers are perfect if you're looking for a little more tech on your desktop. They have additional input connections for microphones and external audio devices while the USB audio interface allows you to easily connect to your computer, where you can record, edit and play projects using your favourite audio software. Headphones and external speakers such as the JBL104BT can be connected for the optimum desktop audio experience. The latest driver updates include amongst others a pro-broadcast audio ducking feature.

Soundcraft Notepad mixers are available in 3 variants - Notepad5, Notepad 8FX and Notepad 12FX

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