JBL Professional Launches IRX Portable PA Loudspeakers

JBL Professional has announced the new entertainment IRX Series of portable PA loudspeakers that were introduced at the 2020 NAMM Show.

JBL IRX Series portable PA loudspeakers are targeted to provide budget-minded musicians, fitness instructors and presenters with iconic JBL sound in a highly portable, feature-rich package without the guesswork. Both the 8-inch IRX108BT and the 12-inch IRX112BT are engineered to outperform larger competing systems, delivering the highest volume and widest frequency response in their class. They’re packed with features to help users sound their best, from real-world EQ presets to one-touch ducking to automatic feedback suppression. Built-in Bluetooth audio streaming—accessible at the push of a button—lets performers stream music, backing tracks and presentation audio. Two Combo inputs and an XLR loop-out for additional speakers round out connectivity options.

“Today’s performers need a portable, easy-to-use PA system that delivers professional results at an affordable price,” said Brandon, Knudsen, Loudspeaker Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We’re excited to showcase our new IRX Series loudspeakers at the 2020 NAMM and CES shows, which combine impressive volume output and detail with an assortment of versatile features like Bluetooth audio streaming in a compact, lightweight design. Best of all, the IRX112BT and IRX108BT are the most affordable powered speakers JBL has ever offered.”

Features at a Glance:

  • Two sizes: IRX108BT: 8-inch woofer; IRX112BT: 12-inch woofer
  • Four real-world EQ presets modelled after a range of performance scenarios
  • dbx AFS2 Automatic Feedback Suppression stops feedback before it starts
  • Bluetooth integration allows stereo streaming of recorded program material
  • One-touch ducking automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected
  • Wide frequency response: IRX108BT: 54 Hz – 20 kHz; IRX112BT: 53 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Lightweight design: IRX108BT: 7.9kg; IRX112BT: 12.4kg
  • Wattage: 1,300W
  • 2 XLR Combo jacks and 1 XLR out offer a range of connectivity choices
  • Mic/Line selection switch enhances versatility
  • Ergonomic handles make transport quick and easy.
  • Polypropylene honeycomb grille is road-tested for reliability
  • Built-in pole mount expands system set-up options

Features Expanded:

IRX Series speakers were designed to take the guesswork out of getting a great sound, with no experience necessary. Four custom EQ presets optimised for common performance scenarios help simplify setup with push button ease. Built-in dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression makes your performance or presentation sound polished and protects IRX Series speakers by stopping feedback before it starts. One-touch ducking automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected, ensuring every word is heard loud and clear.

With an ultra-lightweight cabinet and ergonomic handles, IRX Series can be easily transported and lifted, providing maximum portability. A custom, road-ready grille features a tight-gauge, reinforced honeycomb pattern with a specially designed bevel for added durability without compromising acoustic performance. Like every JBL loudspeaker product, IRX Series speakers undergo 100 hours of stress testing to ensure they perform flawlessly in real-world conditions.

Featuring two combination XLR/TRS inputs with professional-grade preamps, IRX Series speakers provide crystal-clear sound for microphones, playback devices and mixing consoles. One-button Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to stream audio from mobile devices or link two speakers to provide additional coverage and create a true stereo image.

The IRX Series consists of two speaker models, ideal for a variety of applications. The IRX112BT features a 12-inch woofer for an extended frequency range down to 53 Hz and a maximum SPL of 129 dB, while the IRX108BT features an 8-inch woofer with an extended frequency response down to 54 Hz and a maximum SPL of 127 dB. Both models feature an integrated pole mount to elevate the speakers for improved performance in PA applications.


JBL Professional is distributed and supported in NZ by JPRO.

The JBL IRX108BT are available now

The JBL IRX112BT will be available in New Zealand from April 2020