AKG Announces K361 and K371 Foldable Studio Headphones

The latest from the AKG foldable range of professional studio headphones, with an oval earcup design and impressive frequency response.

By combining performance and style, the K361 and K371 bridge the professional and lifestyle markets, appealing to customers on both ends of the spectrum - from musicians, voiceover artists, podcasters and other content producers who want robust, high-performance headphones with a modern look and feel, to professional engineers and producers who need a portable critical reference they can trust.

K361 and K371 foldable headphones combine professional studio-quality sound with a compact, foldable design, enabling creators to produce professional content in the studio or on the go. With class-leading frequency response, unmatched portability and a sleek modern aesthetic - with a new oval earcup and plush feel.

“Content creation has broken out of the confines of the studio and creators need headphones that allow them to hear every detail of their work wherever they go,” said Chris Hansen, Director Recording & Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “AKG K361 and K371 headphones combine professional sound quality with the long-wearing comfort and portability of traditional consumer headphones, giving artists, engineers, podcasters, video editors or content producers the freedom and flexibility to create their best work anywhere.”

K361 and K371 are AKG’s first professional headphones to utilise a new oval earcup shape which simultaneously provides a more comfortable fit and better frequency response by better aligning with the geometry of the human head. Both models are equipped with class-leading 50mm drivers and pure oxygen-free copper voice coils for enhanced clarity, detail and the utmost acoustic precision. K361 delivers clear, detailed and balanced lows, mids and highs across their extended 15 Hz to 28 kHz frequency range, while K371 sport titanium coated diaphragms to deliver even more detail, with a stunning 5 Hz to 40 kHz range.

In addition, K371 headphones are meticulously tuned to AKG’s Reference Response curve, an acoustic target refined over nearly a decade of research outlining widespread hearing and listening preferences. The result is the most accurate, neutral sound, no matter what users are listening to or where their mixes were created.

Featuring sleek and sturdy designs, K361 and K371 have passed rigorous stress tests to ensure reliability in the most demanding conditions and K371 features metal-reinforced parts for extra durability. Over-ear, closed-back designs provide superior isolation in noisy environments, with plush slow-retention foam pads for long-wearing comfort and less low frequency leakage, along with and adjustable calibrated headbands that deliver a perfect fit, every time.

Earcups swivel 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring, and their feather-light weight keeps ear fatigue at bay, even on the longest listening sessions. Both models include a protective a carrying pouch and detachable cables for connecting to both professional and consumer equipment.

Availability & Spec Sheets

AKG K361 and K371 foldable studio headphones are in stock now and will be available through authorised resellers in New Zealand.

Both models ship with a protective carrying pouch and detachable cables.

For more information, contact JPRO.