Skycity Auckland

Skycity Auckland Skycity Auckland Skycity Auckland Skycity Auckland Skycity Auckland

"Skycity has grown to be New Zealand's largest Soundweb installation and has more than 500 JBL speakers of various models."


Skycity is New Zealand's largest single site, multi-purpose entertainment venue. Located in the heart of Auckland City, the Skycity complex boasts a casino with more than 100 gaming tables and over 1600 machines, 22 of Auckland's top restaurants and bars, a convention centre with up to 21 function rooms, two hotels and a 700 seat theatre. The Sky Tower, at 328 metres, is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand, and offers views of up to 80km in every direction.

Co-ordinating and controlling audio on a site this diverse involves many challenges. There are a number of background music and television audio sources which need to be distributed to each zone, as well as local inputs in each area. Each of these sources needs to be available in every zone, and then prioritised depending on the function, or type of promotion that is running in that area. To gain this functionality and flexibility, Skycity changed to the BSS BLU family of digital audio processors in 1995, and has grown to be New Zealand's largest Soundweb installation.

The system currently consists of 35 BSS BLU processors and 11 remotes. Audio is distributed around the site using Cobranet, and Harman's digital audio bus, BLU-Link.

As well as BSS processing, the site is powered by a number of Crown CTS 2 channel amplifiers, and the new multi-channel DCi series.

Each restaurant or bar within Skycity has been architecturally designed and themed. Whether it be a simple ceiling speaker, or something more stylized like the Pendant series, JBL's extensive catalogue of speakers helps deliver that vision to the customer while maintaining the highest standards in audio quality. The site now totals more than 500 JBL speakers of various models.

Some venues in the complex have local control using AMX or Crestron interfaces, while a site-wide control interface has been created within the London Architect software.


Installed by Videopro, Provision, and Liquid Automation

Programming and technical assistance provided by Jpro

About Jpro: Established in 1988, Jpro is a specialist distributor of world leading audio brands in New Zealand. Jpro Ltd proudly represents the Harman Pro Brands including JBL, AKG, Crown, BSS, HiQnet, dbx, Lexicon Soundcraft, Studer and Ampetronic Hearing Assist / Induction Loop products.