Restaurants, Clubs and Bars


JPRO and our AV Integrator partners listen to your needs in order to build one-of-a-kind entertainment solutions. Presenting optimal sound volumes, video controls and lighting levels starts with your staff and ends with your guests. With decades of experience, we support users with expert knowledge to deliver the best entertainment experience. By stimulating all of your guests’ senses, including sight and sound, they will have an unparalleled experience and keep coming back for more.

Whether it is quiet background music in a restaurant, or full range dance club sound system, JPRO has a range of products suitable for any application, and any budget. Using real world experience, backed up by acoustic modelling software, our AVC design team can create a proven solution specific to your requirements and expectations.

World-leading design with local support

JPRO works closely with the top AV Integrator's from all over the country. Whether your venue has a requirement for audio only, or fully integrated system with video and control panels, JPRO can design an AVC system and then put you in touch with an installer best suited to your needs and on-going support.

JPRO Services

  • JBL Loudspeaker Design using 3D Acoustic Modelling
  • Audio and Video Design and Technical Support based here in NZ
  • System Tuning and Commissioning
  • Nationwide network of Trusted Integrators for on-going local support