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JPRO AV solutions for Courtrooms, Remand Centres, Prisons and other Government Institutions are modular and scalable to meet the needs of these facilities as their requirements change over time. HARMAN provides world- reliable, secure solutions to government and military agencies around the world.

Their products are trusted in mission critical applications and relied upon daily in installations across the globe. From signal routing and central control distribution, HARMAN manages signals that adhere to strict security protocol. Features like central user management, user and device authentication and authorization, audit logs and reporting, make HARMAN systems secure, accountable and simple to manage.

A crucial component in a courtroom is understanding what is being said, JBL loudspeakers have the largest range of commercial speakers in the market and can provide a highly intelligible solution no matter what the room type. Audio Video Links are crucial in modern courtroom environments and the BSS AEC processing allows for intelligible remote hearings.

World-leading audio brands with local support

JPRO works closely with the top AV Integrator's from all over the country. Let us help you get connected with a partner who is right for your project.

JPRO Services

  • AV Design and Technical Support based here in New Zealand
  • Partner Integration throughout New Zealand
  • Network Design – Dante, BLU-LINK
  • Interface Design and Programming
  • System Tuning


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NZ Ministry of Justice - Integrated by Kodum Advanced Certified Audio Architect Programmers

  • NZ Regional Courts - BSS Processing, Crown Amplification, JBL Loudspeakers
  • NZ High Courts - BSS Processing, Crown Amplification, JBL Loudspeakers
  • Manukau District Court - BSS Processing, IDX Paging, Crown Amplification, JBL Loudspeakers
  • Christchurch Justice Precinct - BSS Processing, Crown Amplification, JBL Loudspeakers