Nicholas Van Dyk

AVC Sales Manager | Audio System Designer

Nicholas’s experience in the Audio/Visual game spans over 20 years. Having started out at his local church at an early age, Nicholas came to love and grasp live audio. He has extensive knowledge of church and education design, installations and live performances and has mixed for and installed large sound systems in some of the major churches in South Africa. He also worked a stint at Trinity Broadcast as a camera operator and sound man.

With his love for mixing, Nicholas was a permanent sound engineer for a couple of bands in South Africa. He toured most of South Africa with the bands “One80” & “Ardé” mixing at large festivals to smaller venues. He also landed the permanent touring sound engineer position for The Plain Truth Band, touring both South Africa and International.

Nicholas ran his own company in South Africa focusing on Pro Audio Solutions, IT/Network Support and Installations.

Having sold a variety of product from various manufacture’s, he swears by the Harman Pro group of products. He has specified, supplied and installed acoustic treatment as well as run a small home based studio, focusing on recording, mastering and re-mastering of audio CD’s and video advertisements.

With Nicholas’s experience and knowledge, he is well placed to advise and suggest solutions for you and your customer’s needs.

Nicholas Van Dyk specialises in the design and commissioning of audio systems in the Southern Region, please do not hesitate to contact him should you have any queries and/or need a system solution.

  • Wakatipu High School
  • Sofitel Queenstown – Jazz Bar and Function Room
  • Novotel New Plymouth Hobson
  • Massey University – Sir Geoffrey Peren Building Auditorium, Palmerston North
  • YMCA – Christchurch
  • Future Schools Theatre and PA Systems – Christchurch
  • CDHB Conference System – Christchurch
  • Flip Out – Indoor Trampoline Arena, Chrischurch
  • Wellington Cathedral of St Paul – Wellington
  • Salvation Army – Christchurch
  • Hillary Field Centre – Scott Base, Antartica
  • Ease Certification
  • SynAudCon Optimising EQ
  • SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Designers
  • SynAudCon Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems
  • Crown DCi Certification Program
  • Crown I-Tech HD Level 1 and Level 2 Certification
  • Harman Professional University (HPU) – Harman Certified Audio Professional | Programming
  • Audinate DANTE Level 1, 2 & 3
Nicholas Van Dyk
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