4 Zone Antenna Combiner



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4 Zone Antenna Combiner for Wireless Microphones 470 960 MHz

The 4 ZONE antenna combiner takes the complexity out of multi-zone wireless microphone projects. 4 ZONE combines together up to four separate pairs of diversity antenna connections for multi-purpose rooms, indoor-outdoor configurations, or main stages with secondary breakout rooms.

Click here for multi-zone example

For fine tuning RF levels in each coverage area, 4 ZONE provides individual channel RF signal attenuation control down to -31dB in 1 dB steps. And for active antennas or in-line amplifiers, it features selectable 12V DC power to accommodate long cable runs.

With selectable ON/OFF inputs, 4 ZONE also allows for quick control of coverage zones for roaming microphone transmitters, so you can choose which zones are active as a live event or location sound project progresses, saving setup and breakdown time onsite.

When used in conjunction with up to four Diversity Fin Antennas and one or more DISTRO4 antenna distributors, 4 ZONE completes a turnkey package for any multi-zone wireless microphone project.

Carrier Frequency Range: 470-960MHz
Full System Gain: 3dB(+/-3dB)
Input/Output Impedance: 50
A/B Antenna Input:4+4
OIP3: 35dBm(typ.) @ 2-tone;Pi=-15dBm/tone
RF Input Attenuation: -31 0dB (Step:1dB)
Input/Output Connectors: BNC(F):Input x8 / Output x2
Functions: 1. DC Power (for In-Line Amplier) ON/OFF Control 2. RF Input Attenuation Control 3. RF Input Signal ON/OFF Control
In-Line Amplier Power: 12V/200mA*8
Power Supply: 100 240VAC; MAX 2A 50/60Hz
Dimension(mm): 480mm(W)*45mm(H)*260mm(D)