System W/control50st And 4 X Control52


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JBL Professional High Fidelity Subwoofer-Satellite Combo Loudspeaker System

Pack contains 1 x Control50ST subwoofer and 4 x Control52 satellite loudspeakers.

The Control 50 Series subwoofer-satellite loudspeaker system provides high fidelity sound in restaurants, retail stores, music cafes, health clubs, theme bars, leisure venues, or any location where full-range high fidelity foreground/background music is required from a surface-mount system.

Designed with a stylish appearance, featuring easy mounting and compatibility with JBL's Control 40 Series in-ceiling models, allows matching to the mounting, aesthetic, and performance requirements of any application.

Best suited to operate with the VMA1240 Mixer/Amplifier on low impedance or VMA1120 (or VMA2120) on 100V line setting.

Please use the Installation button download above to view useful information on installing and mixing and matching the Control 50 Series.

The stylish Control 52 satellite loudspeaker produces superb high fidelity sound via a low distortion 60 mm (2.5 in) driver, which features a secondary bucking magnet for high efficiency, rubber half roll surround for enhanced bass performance, 19 mm (0.75 in) copper clad aluminum wire voice coil on a vented Nomex® former for high fidelity and reliability, and a copper-capped pole piece for more consistent impedance and extended high frequency response. The wall bracket allows each speaker to be angled up to 45° off-axis.

The 150 Watt (600 Watt peak) Control 50S/T subwoofer contains a high-power, long-excursion, 200 mm (8 inch) driver which features an extremely robust high-mass cone for extended low frequency response, a 38 mm (1.5 in) 4-layer copper voice coil for high motor strength, an aluminum former for good transient response, and a rubber half roll surround for enhanced bass performance.

- Stylish, unobtrusive design fits into a wide variety of decor
- High fidelity sound
- Selectable 70V/100V for distributed lines, or low impedance
- Versatility for either two or four satellite speakers per system
- Ability to mix and match with Control Contractor40 Series in-ceiling models
- Wall-mount brackets included
- Available in black or white