3-way Main Cinema Screen Speaker


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The JBL 3153 3-way cinema screen speaker, part of the Cinema Series, delivers fidelity and performance synonymous with the JBL name at a competitive price point for cost-conscious theater owners seeking to offer a premium experience while making the most of their investment.

The 460-watt 3153 is optimized for small- to medium-sized theaters, delivering high SPLs and covering rooms up to 45 feet (14 m).

The 3153 is designed for hassle-free deployment and operation, integrating seamlessly with the entire JBL Cinema Series, which includes two subwoofers and a high-power surround. Speakers are conveniently available as complete systems or as individual M/HF and LF modules in separate housings.

Combine Cinema Series speakers and subs with the JBL CPi2000 cinema processor and Crown XLC amplifiers to build a fully integrated cinema sound solution.

3-way design offers maximum output, symmetrical 90? x 50? coverage and minimum distortion
Optimized waveguide technology delivers a consistent pattern
Two drive modes: passive and bi-amp
Speakers integrate seamlessly with the entire JBL Cinema Series including 8102 surround and 3181F and 4281F subwoofers
Optimize operation using dedicated presets in the JBL CPi2000 cinema processor
Built-in crossover network
Binding-post connectors on top of LF enclosure are easy to wire and save space behind the screen
Transducer-protection circuitry prolongs equipment life
460W rated power
134 dB peak SPL
Available as a complete system or as individual M/HF (3132-M/HF) and LF (HPD3159) modules in separate housings
4O impedance allows lower-power Crown XLC amplifiers to power the speaker system
Frequency response: 50 Hz-18 kHz (-10 dB) (4p)
Throw capability of up to 45 ft (14 m) suitable for 80-100-seat cinemas