3-way 5674 Screen Array


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Digital soundtracks on todays feature films have the potential of pushing traditional two-way speaker system designs beyond their performance limits. Requirements for wide dynamic range, high power handling, and low distortion dictate the need for a new standard of performance for today's premier cinemas.

The 5000 Cinema Systems feature true three-way system design, with each section fully optimized for its specific frequency range. The 5000 Series Screen Channel systems are intended for tri-amplified use, utilizing JBLs DSC digital system controllers for crossover, signal alignment, and equalization. Factory pre-set tunings for these systems, stored in the system controller take the guesswork out of obtaining optimum performance.

Key Features:
- Three-way system design for maximum output with minimum distortion
- Optimized Aperture Bi-Radial and driver technology for ultra-low distortion
- Midrange pattern control for increased direct vs. reverberant energy
- Vented Gap Cooled (VGC) LF transducer(s) for maximum output and reliability
- Flat-front design for easy baffle wall installation
- Fully adjustable horn bracket for precise directional control

The 5674 is intended for tri-amplified use, utilizing JBLs DSC family of digital controllers. Crossover, signal alignment, and equalization can be accomplished using three channels of digital signal control, using factory pre-set tunings, for optimum performance from the 5674.