18in Bss Reflex Theatre Subwoofer


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Single 460 mm (18") Cinema Subwoofer System

The JBL Model 4181 is a high quality subwoofer system, featuring a 460 mm (18 in), low frequency transducer mounted in a direct radiator, bass-reflex enclosure for smooth response to the lowest audible frequencies. The 4181 is ideal for low-frequency augmentation of digital soundtracks in motion picture theaters and for general sound reinforcement applications.

500 Watts continuous pink noise, 1000 Watts continuous program power handling
Usable response to 28 Hz (-10 dB, no EQ), flat to 34Hz (-3 dB) with External EQ
Dual coils in parallel, vented cooling driver
High Sensitivity
Low Power Compression
High Maximum SPL Capability
Low 2nd and 3rd Harmonic Distortion
Long Excursion Capability

Rated Impedance 8 Os
Minimum Impedance 5.6 Os
Continuous Pink Noise 500 Watts
Continuous Program 1000 Watts
Peak Power 2000 Watts
Axial Sensitivity 50 Hz to 500 Hz; 101 dB, 1W @ 1m
40 Hz to 100 Hz; 99 dB, 1W @ 1m
Half-Space Reference: Efficiency Single Module: 5%
Two Modules: 10%
Three Modules: 15%
Four Modules: 20%
Max. Continuous Acoustical Power Output Single Module: 25W
Two Modules: 100W
Three Modules: 225W
Four Modules: 400W
Maximum Continuous SPL @ 1 meter Single Module: 126 dB
Two Modules: 132 dB
Three Modules: 136 dB
Four Modules: 138 dB
Maximum Peak SPL @ 1 meter Single Module: 132 dB
Two Modules: 138 dB
Three Modules: 142 dB
Four Modules: 144 dB
Frequency Response: Lower Frequency Limits (no EQ):
-10 dB: 28 Hz
-3 dB: 40 Hz
Lower Frequency Limits (with EQ):
-10 dB: 26 Hz
-3 dB: 34 Hz
Recommended Crossover Frequencies: High-pass: 20 Hz, 24 dB/octave or greater
Low-pass: 80 Hz to 150 Hz, 12 dB/octave or greater