Itech 4x3500hds Amplifier (speakon Conn)


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Introducing the next generation of touring sound amplifiers. The I-Tech HD series featuring the all-new four-channel 4 x 3500HD with DriveCore™ technology.

Global Power
Crown's "smart" universal power supply with Power Factor Correction technology is so efficient it can adjust to any frequency or mains voltage between 100-240VAC in a controlled manner - and in real time - so you can use it anywhere in the world and it will always deliver full power.

BSS Omnidrive HD DSP
Standing only 2U high, the slight stature of the I-Tech HD belies the leading-edge technology within. A perfect example is the BSS Omnidrive HD DSP engine. This integrated DSP is not only a breakthrough in the amplifier industry, but outperforms many of the best stand-alone DSP loudspeaker processors in the world. With the latest programmable studio-grade 32-bit Sharc® processors with enhanced SIMD architecture and a proprietary D/A output filter for improved signal-to-noise at least 6 dB quieter than outboard DSP, it's easy to see how the decade-long partnership between Crown and BSS continues to go beyond "what's possible" and into "what's next."

FIR (Finite Impulse Response) Linear Phase Filters
- Advanced stop-band attenuation characteristics rivaling the best live sound and studio DSP processors on the market today
- Industry-leading, true "Brick wall" filters with more than 3500 coefficient taps for high filtering precision.
- Provides linear phase response while maintaining low-noise operation over the entire frequency range for uncolored audio reproduction.

IIR (Infinite Impulse Response)
- 18 IIR filter selections including Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, and All-Pass.

LevelMAX Limiters
- Co-developed with JBL and BSS, the LevelMAX™ suite of limiters combines the latest innovations in limiter design into one high performance, integrated package. The Peak, RMS, and Transducer Thermal limiters are fully coordinated so each will adjust automatically based on how the others are performing. This industry first guarantees smooth, musical response along with peak SPL and pure, uncolored sound.

DriveCore Technology
At the heart of the new four-channel I-Tech HD lies another Crown breakthrough - DriveCore™ Technology. A culmination of nearly two decades of R&D in PWM and switch-mode amplification, DriveCore is a Crown exclusive that combines hundreds of parts into one chip the size of a your fingertip, resulting in more efficiencies and unsurpassed reliability.

Bridging Crown's audio design and Texas Instruments' silicon design, this simple integrated circuit nests much of the output stage - including the modulator stage, error amplifier stage, and patented feedback and PWM modulation circuits for fast recovery on peak transients, accurate reproduction of low-level detail, and precise tracking of low frequencies at high power levels for maximum subwoofer output.

In addition, DriveCore provides an extremely wide tolerance for sagging or "dirty" AC line conditions, which means your performance will never be compromised by fluctuating generator power or overloading.

Greater accuracy, reduced weight and size, and high efficiency with best-in-class signal-to-noise performance - that's Crown innovation. That's DriveCore Technology.

Networking Made Easy
Since the introduction of the first IQ system in 1992, Crown has deployed more networked audio systems than all other amplifier manufacturers' combined. This pedigree continues today with the I-Tech HD series. Adhering to exact TCP/IP Ethernet standards and equipped with HiQnet technology, the I-Tech HD can live on a standard network without the hassle of proprietary switches or hardware. And by following standard protocol, large systems of 400+ amplifiers can be quickly deployed on a single network backbone without any special considerations.