Blue Card Teleconfrencing Hybrid Card


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The Soundweb London Telephone Hybrid Cards are designed to populate any of the four card slots on Soundweb London BLU-800, BLU-320, BLU-160 and BLU-120 devices. These cards enable Soundweb London devices to interface with a standard POTS (aka PSTN or Analog PBX) telephone network.

The Soundweb London Telephone Hybrid Cards also have two analog inputs which allow each Telephone Hybrid Card to receive two microphone or line level signals. These analog inputs offer Phantom Power, configurable per channel and software controlled analog gain in 6dB steps from 0dB to 48dB.

The Telephone Hybrid Cards each have two Combicon connectors which are used as follows:

Telephone hybrid card:
- Connector 1
- Balanced / Unbalanced Audio, Channel 1 - Mic/Line
- Balanced / Unbalanced Audio, Channel 2 - Mic/Line

Hot: to +
Cold: to -
Shield: to S

Hot: to +
Link to Shield: to -
Shield: to S

- Connector 2
oo Tip / Ring, Telephone Line Connection
oo Tip / Ring, Parallel Set Connection


Signal: [Mic/Line Combicon] 2/1

Pin: [Telephone] | T T | N/C | R R | [Mic/Line Combicon] [S + -]/[S + -]