4 Aec & Analog Input Line For Soundweb


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What is AEC? Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) is the cancellation of acoustic echo arising when sound from a loudspeaker enters a microphone in the same room in a conference application.

Examples of acoustic echo can be heard with inexpensive hands-free phones and from poorly designed conference environments. It can be very distracting during a conference.

AEC must not only cancel direct sound from the loudspeaker, it must also cancel indirect sound which has undergone alteration by the ambient space. This could involve changes to the frequency content and reverberation from the acoustic space. It therefore follows that AEC should be used in conjunction with a well designed acoustic space, not as a substitute.

The Soundweb London AEC Input Card offers the following features: -
- Four Independent Channels of AEC
- Individual Reference per Channel
- Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
- Noise Cancellation (NC)
- Non-Linear Processing (NLP)
- Direct Microphone Feed for Local Sound
- Reinforcement