Acendo Book 7in Scheduling Touch Panel


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AMX Acendo Book 7" Scheduling Touch Panel

The second-generation Acendo Book 7" Touch Panel is a scheduling panel that integrates directly with popular room scheduling software like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar without additional system hardware requirements. The user interface background color and built-in room availability bars change between red and green to show room availability so users can easily locate and book an available room directly from the panel and, if that room is currently booked, users can quickly locate the nearest available room or the next available time with ease. CloudworX Manager allows the user to configure and deploy large numbers of devices simultaneously, either locally or remotely.

Featuring a capacitive touch screen, powerful Quad-Core processor, and a low profile design for a subtle aesthetic, the Acendo Book can be mounted on any flat surface, including glass or stone, inside or outside a conference room or classroom. For added flexibility, the 7" touch panel can be deployed as a Modero G5 control panel or an Acendo Book scheduling panel using a built-in configuration tool-no additional software, programming or cost is required.

Common Applications

- Ideal for businesses of all sizes wishing to optimize room utilization by implementing facility-wide room scheduling.
- The MD-1002 can be used as a scheduling panel for meeting rooms and auditoriums and is mass configurable and deployable through CloudworX Manager.


- Acendo Book Optimized Design, More Powerful, and More Affordable
- Capacitive Touch Screen - A fast and flawless touch screen that enhances screen durability, smudge and scratch resistance
- Flexible - Transform Acendo Book into a Modero G5 control interface using a built-in configuration tool - no programming or additional hardware required
- Quad-Core Processor - Fast and responsive user interface
- Secure - Updated firmware provides 802.1x and IPv6 availability
- On-Panel Room Availability Indicators on the Front and Sides of the Panel - Increased size for side-panel LED indicators to allow for added visibility; easily determine when a room is available
- Configuration and Deployment - Instead of configuring one-by-one, CloudworX Manager allows large numbers of devices to be configured simultaneously, either locally or remotely.
- Scheduling Panel that's Quick and Easy to Install - Reduces cost by streamlining installation, simplifying configuration, and eliminating the need for a controller and monitoring software
- Directly Integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar - Synchronizes with the most popular scheduling platforms without additional software or configuration complications
- Available Room Locator - Panel will suggest other currently available rooms at the push of a button
- Diverse Mounting Options - Mount the panel virtually anywhere, including glass
- On-Panel Room Booking - Quickly book available rooms directly from the panel