Wireless Headset Microphone For Sports


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AKG C544L High-Performance Sports Head-Worn Condenser Microphone

The C544 L high-performance head-worn miniature condenser microphone with an easily fitting headband is perfect for fitness instruction, aerobics, sport and other handsfree speech applications. A transducer shock mount reduces body noise to a minimum and the short microphone arm places the microphone in the right position to the mouth to minimise pop and breathing noise.

A special moisture shield on the boom prevents the microphone from being clogged by sweat or makeup. This would make the C544L sound dull and reduce the sensitivity of the microphone. It is recommended not to remove the moisture shield from the microphone.

The C544 L comes with a three-pin mini XLR connecter which fits all AKG WMS Series body-pack transmitters. The package also includes a special windscreen.