Uls Series High End Modular Microphone


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Broadcast (EFP/ENG)
Theater, onstage miking
TV, motion picture, video production

- Ultra low-noise C 480 B preamp
- CK 61-ULS cardioid capsule
- Extremely flat on-axis frequency response
- High SPL capability

Cardioid microphone

Modular microphone comprising a C 480 B preamplifier, CK 61-ULS cardioid capsule, foam windscreen, and stand adapter.

CK 61-ULS cardioid capsule

The broadband, ruler-flat frequency response and consistent polar pattern of the AKG CK 61-ULS make it ideal for critical recording and live sound applications where consistent suppression of off-axis sound is an important requirement. Includes foam windscreen.

Included Accessories:
- SA60 Stand Adapter
- W32 Windscreen
- Hard Shell Road Case