Multipurpose Instrument + Vocal Mic


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The evergreen classic multipurpose microphone for vocal and instrumental recording, broadcast, on stage performance, in ENG/EFP field work and video production.

The updated version of the AKG C1000S multipurpose small-diaphragm condenser microphone is extremely popular for its versatility. It is suitable for recording and live-sound applications as well as for ENG/EFP and video productions. Its gold sputtered capsule housing makes the microphone extremely rugged against humidity. If no phantom power is available, the AKG C1000S can be powered by two standard AA batteries for up to 120 hours. More versatile than ever before, the new AKG C1000S features a bass-cut switch and a switchable -10 dB pad.

The polar pattern can quickly be switched from cardioid to hyper-cardioid. Three different frequency settings are adding more clarity to speech and instrument sounds.

Gold sputtered microphone capsule and XLR pins give high immunity against humidity

Powered by internal AA batteries or by phantom power for use with any equipment and every application

Bass cut and -10 dB switchable for amazing versatility in every situation

Presence boost adapter provides three frequency settings for different sound sources

Unique polar pattern converter allows the microphone to be switched from cardioid to hyper-cardioid

Included Accessories:
- PB1000 Adapter
- PPC1000 Converter
- SA63 Stand Adapter
- W1001 Windscreen
- Hard Shell road case