Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


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Guitar and bass amps
Lead instruments
Lead vocals
Professional stage miking
Professional studio recording

Gold-sputtered one-inch large diaphragm with patented Edge-Terminated Back-Plate Technology
Proven performance for more than 15 years for both studio and stage
Internal windscreen protects from wind and breath generated "pops"
Well designed circuitry provides high SPL capability and low distortion
Switchable attenuation pad enables for high SPL up to 150 dB
Switchable low cut filter (500Hz, 6 dB/octave) eliminates proximity effect
Comes complete with H 85 spider-type shock mount and metal carrying case
Designed, engineered and built in Vienna, Austria

Since its introduction in 1993 the AKG C3000 has become a standard for a wide range of both studio and onstage applications. The new redesigned AKG C3000 is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing product update which maintains the popular characteristics of the AKG C3000, however a new sleek and classy finish showcases AKG's new Corporate Design. It is a great selection for both recording and live sound applications, where maximum sound quality and robustness are a must, and the competitive price makes the AKG C3000 a must-have.

The new AKG C3000 features a cardioid pickup pattern, a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, low noise electronics, high SPL capability and an internal shock mount, which drastically reduces handling noise from mic stands or cables. The switchable 10dB preattenuation pad increases the SPL capability by 10 dB and accommodates loud instruments like brass instruments or guitar amplifiers with ease. The switchable first-order 500Hz low frequency filter eliminates the proximity effect for close-miking.
The standard accessories are a metal carrying case and a spider-type shock mount.

Proven for more than 15 years and affordably priced, the AKG C3000 is an excellent choice for every high quality recording or demanding live sound application.

Included Accessories:
H85 Universal Shock Mount
Metal Carry Case