Hiqnet Ethernet Hub For Dsr800


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HiQnet? ethernet interface for connecting up to eight AKG devices to a HiQnet? network
Monitoring and controlling of a wireless system with the System ArchitectT and the AKG Wireless iPhone App
Supported products:

DSR 700 (DMS 700) Professional Digital Wireless Microphone System
SR 4500 (WMS 4500) Professional Analog Wireless Microphone System
SR 4000 (WMS 4000) Professional Analog Wireless Microphone System
SST 4 (IVM 4) Professional In Ear Monitoring System

Integration into any HiQnet? system
The HUB 4000 Q enables you to connect up to eight AKG wireless devices to a HiQnet? network. The HUB 4000 Q is connected to the HiQnet? network over ethernet (10 MBit half duplex) and lets the user control and set up the AKG wireless system from Harman System ArchitectT or the AKG Wireless iPhone App.

For large wireless systems, one can add several HUB 4000 Q using standard Ethernet switches (or routers, wireless hubs, ...), allowing you to configure and monitor the entire setup from a single window in System ArchitectT. The HUB 4000 Q quickly and easily integrates the professional DMS 700, WMS4000/4500 wireless systems and In Ear Monitoring system IVM 4 into any HiQnet? system.

AKG System ArchitectT Plug-In
With the AKG Plug-In for Harman System ArchitectT the setup and configuration of a multichannel wireless system can be done quickly and easily with tools such as 1 Click Setup, RF Monitor, Environment Scan and Programmer Guide.

Wireless iPhone App
Want to check your wireless system from your iPhone? With the AKG Wireless iPhone App, you can monitor and control an AKG wireless system from your iPhone or iPod touch via Wi-Fi?.

VM2 Vistonics Microphone Monitoring
With VM2 (Vistonics Microphone Monitoring) you can monitor the status of AKG wireless microphone systems directly from Soundcraft consoles via HiQnet.

Minimum requirements for a PC running System Architect:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows 2003 Server SP1
only Windows 32 bit operating systems are supported by the AKG System Architect plug-in
Dual Core Processor 2 GHz
Screen Resolution 1024x768
200 MB Hard Drive space available