Soundcraft by HARMAN Vi2000 Digital Audio Console - NEW PRICE POINT

SOUNDCRAFT Vi2000 Now Available at a New Price Point!

Soundcraft by HARMAN is proud to unveil the latest addition to the industry-leading Vi range of digital live consoles, the Vi2000. This feature-rich console brings unparalleled mixing power to the live touring, install and corporate AV markets in a cost-effective, single-box package. The Vi2000 combines the unique Vistonics-based control surface of the highly successful Vi3000, Vi5000 and Vi7000 consoles with Soundcraft® SpiderCore, a powerful integrated DSP and I/O engine based on Studer by HARMAN technology.

“For touring or installations, the Vi2000 is an amazing console that includes everything today’s engineers are looking for in a compact digital console,” said Andy Brown, Product Manager, Tour Mixers, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The technologies integrated into the console put the Vi2000 on the leading edge of sound quality, control responsiveness and complete digital connectivity.”

The Vistonics interface is central to the Vi2000 design, providing direct access to all functions with maximum information and visibility at all times. Multiple switches and rotary encoders are built into each Vistonics screen, so where you look is where you control. Functions are color-coded and change according to the selected mode. One touch of the screen is all it takes to bring all relevant controls to your fingertips.

Running the latest V6.3 console software, the Vi2000 now includes vMIX automatic microphone mixing, alongside the acclaimed BSS DPR901ii Dynamic EQ via an insertable processing pool which also includes Lexicon Multi-effects and the ability to insert any external device.

Originally developed for STUDER Vista consoles, vMIX is a gain sharing post-fade automixer algorithm. The post fade algorithm means a channel will not affect the rest of the vMix bus when its fader is down or muted.

The vMIX automatic microphone mixing function allows the levels of multiple microphones to be managed automatically to reduce the gain of any person who is not speaking, whilst keeping overall gain constant - reacting faster than a human hand to the sudden level changes in a dynamic panel discussion. This makes it an ideal automixing function for Corporate Events and multiple open mic Broadcast Shows.

The Vi2000’s sound quality is assured by Soundcraft SpiderCore – a 40-bit, floating-point DSP engine that mixes FPGA and DSP technology in a unique combination that maximizes I/O routing and DSP mixing capability in a footprint small enough for inclusion within the control surface.

In addition to a full assortment of onboard mic and line I/O, the console is configurable up to 48 mic line inputs and 16 line outputs, using combinations of 16-channel XLR modules in four rear-mounted slots. The console also includes two 64-channel expansion slots, allowing up to two MADI-based Stageboxes to be connected. Or, alternatively, the slots provide access to the extensive range of D21m I/O option cards, addressing all industry-standard audio formats. The total I/O count of the console is 246 in and 246 out.

Like other ViX000-series consoles, a built-in 64x64-channel Dante interface provides direct recording/playback connection to any PC- or Mac-based recording software via Ethernet. It also allows the Vi2000 to integrate into an existing Dante network. The Dante interface is complemented by an additional optical MADI interface, designed for either record feeds or to connect the Soundcraft Realtime Rack Plug-in engine, adding the power of Universal Audio UAD-powered plug-ins to the Vi2000's pristine audio quality.

The package is completed with an ultra-compact frame design, only 1.15m (just under 3-feet 8-inches) in width, with 16 input faders and 8 output faders, allowing the console to fit into both space- and budget-restricted applications. Patented features, like FaderGlow, VM2microphone monitoring and Vistonics, provide a user-friendly mixing experience. In addition, superb sound quality is assured by a 40-bit floating-point DSP environment, running Studer, BSS, Lexicon and dbx audio processing algorithms, with the acclaimed BSS DPR901ii Dynamic EQ being the most recent addition.

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