Ableton Live 10 Lite Free Download Available For Select Soundcraft Consoles

A Powerhouse Production Duo

We’re thrilled to announce that Ableton Live 10 Lite workstation software is now available for the Ui24R mixer, all Signature Series and Signature MTK Series consoles!

Feed your creativity with this fast, flexible, lightweight version of Ableton’s Live 10 that offers all of Live’s essential workflows, instruments and effects, in an intuitive interface that’s optimized for improvisation.

Whether your workflow is based around the Ui24R remote-controlled digital mixer, Signature Series analogue console or Signature MTK Series analogue console with built-in multitrack recording, seamless integration with Ableton Live gives you all of the tools you need to produce and perform your music, from sketching song ideas to finessing final mixes.

What’s New in Version 10?

Ableton Live 10 Lite introduces a sleek new UI, Core Sound Library and tons of arrangement and workflow improvements, including:

  • Multi-clip Editing: Speed up your sessions by editing up to eight clips at the same time.
  • Capture MIDI: Save your sonic experiments with this new feature that transforms material played on armed or input-monitored tracks into MIDI clips.
  • Groups Within Groups: New Group hierarchy provides multiple levels for greater flexibility in mixing and arranging.
  • Complex and Complex Pro Warping modes: Advanced algorithms for stretching audio.
    8 Audio I/O channels: Expanded inputs and outputs align with a wider range of soundcards and mixing desks.
  • Utility: This multipurpose tool lets you adjust gain, stereo width, phase and more.

How Do I Get It?

Ableton Live 10 Lite is a free download for new and existing, registered owners of the Soundcraft Ui24R surfaceless mixer, and Signature Series and Signature MKT Series consoles. Please note: Soundcraft customers who previously installed Ableton Live 9 Lite are also eligible for a free upgrade to Live 10 LE.

For New Customers:

  • Register an account on
  • A registration code will be included with your Soundcraft product documentation
  • Follow the prompt to download the app, install, and authorize on your device computer

For Existing Customers:

  • Log into your existing account on (or create one if you haven’t done so already)
  • Follow the prompt to download the app, install, and authorise on your device computer

Visit Ableton support to learn how to get started with Live Lite.