JBL Pro by HARMAN Improves guest room sound with new Pro SoundBar

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HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in networked audio, video, lighting and control systems, today introduced the JBL Professional Pro SoundBar.

Drawing upon a long history of industry-leading soundbars in the consumer space, the JBL Pro PSB-1 SoundBar is an active soundbar designed specifically for commercial applications. It has an optimised feature set to address the unique requirements of hotel guest rooms, cruise ship staterooms and other commercial environments.

“Typical consumer-grade soundbars offer features that are great for the home but add unnecessary cost and complexity for commercial applications such as a hotel guest room,” explains Bradley Drummond, Director, Hospitality Solutions and Marketing at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “With an optimised feature set designed with these applications in mind, we’re able to provide our customers with the audio clarity and experience they want at a very attractive price point—and with application-specific features such as volume limiting, cloth-free materials and a security lockout plate you wouldn’t find on consumer soundbars.”

The JBL Pro SoundBar supports both fixed and variable source volume, providing compatibility with both fixed applications (where the volume is controlled at the soundbar) and variable applications (where gain is controlled at the television). In fixed volume scenarios, the Pro SoundBar offers an IR Learning capability. This allows the Pro SoundBar to “learn” the IR pulse of a TV remote’s volume controls, meaning any remote can be used—programmable or not.

To control sound transference into neighbouring rooms, the Pro SoundBar includes a four-position volume limiting switch that allows integrators to control the maximum output of the soundbar. The soundbar also includes a vibration isolation wall-mounting kit and uses full-range speakers rather than a separate subwoofer, two features which also limit sound transference that would otherwise bother people in neighbouring rooms.

“The Pro SoundBar is the perfect soundbar for commercial applications such as hotel rooms,” says Drummond. “With commercial-grade features and excellent clarity even at low levels, the JBL Pro SoundBar pairs perfectly with Samsung 690 Series hospitality TVs to create a holistic, cost-effective guest room entertainment solution. The addition of the JBL Pro SoundBar to HARMAN’s already extensive range of hospitality solutions further demonstrates our capability to offer targeted audio, video, lighting and control solutions for the entire facility.”


The PSB-1 soundbars are now available in NZ.

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