Ampetronic D Series product range extended

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Due to the overwhelming response of the ground-breaking Ampetronic D Series digital amplifiers, Ampetronic Induction Loops has added two driver models to the range. The D7-2 and D10-1 confirm Ampetronic’s position as the Hearing Loop market leaders in innovation, performance and quality.

The D7-2 completes the range of dual output drivers for MultiLoop phased array systems. The D10-1 introduces a digital option to our offering of single output drivers for perimeter loops and single cable arrays, with all the features and benefits associated with it. Both are competitively priced, have Dante network-audio options and present a compelling reason to move to the new technology.

The compact, elegant yet sturdy units are designed specifically for constant current drive Hearing Loop applications from the ground up (rather than reworked voltage drive amplifiers). They feature advanced digital signal processing, multi-stage output filtering, metal loss control and intuitive controls to enable installers and system designers to create Standard compliant systems that sound great with the minimum of effort.

D Series amplifiers offer a browser based remote control panel, which can be reached by either integrating the drivers into an existing network or by simply creating a local WiFi signal using Ampetronic’s preformed kit. Once connected remotely to the control panel using a mobile device the installer can use it in conjunction with the Loopworks Measure app to make adjustments, measure performance, test and commission a system without ever needing to return to the driver.

All models feature:

- Dual or Single Loop Outputs

- Digital Signal Processing

- Networkability

- Remote Browser Interface

- Remote monitoring and fault reporting via email

Ampetronic Induction Loop Assistive Listening Solutions can be used for a variety of applications, including:

- Lecture Theatres & Conference facilities

- Stadia, Sports Halls, Cinemas & Theatres

- Courts Rooms, Airports & Railway Stations


Distributed by JPRO in New Zealand, the new Ampetronic D Series drivers are now available to order.

Please call the team for a quote or for further details.