AKG Artist NZ: Coco Solid

Coco Solid is the musician, writer and artist Jessica Lee Hansell hailing from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Acclaimed on her home-turf and abroad, the outspoken Maori/Samoan/German Aucklander is both the cult and eclectic artist.

AKG and Jpro are extremely proud to introduce Coco Solid as our newest AKG endorsee.

Coco Solid uses the following AKG products:

Dynamic S.cardioid Vocal Microphone

C5 Professional Condenser Vocal Microphone

Professional Studio Headphones

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
Large Dual Diaphragm Tube Microphone

What Coco Solid has to say about her AKG products:

"I now have a bunch of supercool AKG gear, including the K271 headphones that make everything from a casual listen to an intense proof sound really awesome. For live shows I have been using the C5 condenser microphone or the D5 equivalent and the performances have been sounding sharp and complimentary for every show. In the studio we have been using the C300 mic which to me has a warm, really intimate sound that I really love.

Recording tracks with the mighty 820Tube Mic have been a bit of a mind-blower. I finally stopped being intimidated by it's sci-fi look and abilities and have been enjoying every minute in the studio with it."

Coco Solid~~Biography

"Her magnificent mongrel beats and eloquent satirising of sex, materialism and pop culture will have you thinking, laughing and dancing, all at the same time.” Grant Smithies – Sunday Star Times

"Ludicrously brilliant… the creativity is rampant” Jim Pinckney – The Listener

"Far more clever and has a cheeky exuberance that most hip-hop of any flavour lacks. This shit is cool” Michael Bertin, Austin Chronicle (US)

"Like any truly original record it rewards with multiple listens and gradually gets under your skin. This is hip-hop with a difference and its kicking” TNT (UK).

Coco Solid has attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, played at South by Southwest in Texas, she has been sampled by Princess Superstar, remixed by Jimmy Edgar, rapped with Flight of the Conchords, toured Mexico, New York, Berlin, Portugal, London and Tokyo. She has released 3 limited edition vinyl recordings and over 6 albums. She works on labels ranging from the pioneering Permanent Vacation (Germany) to the cult rock/punk label Flying Nun (New Zealand).


Coco dropped her online mixtape PACIFIC RIMS, only available on cassette, free Bandcamp download or at Red Bull Music Academy Radio. Coco and long-time collaborator Tim ‘Jizmatron’ Checkley are currently in the lab working on Coco’s next studio album, due out this 2013 and her first in four years!

Hansell has teamed up with Danish producer Robin Hannibal (of Owusu & Hannibal fame) to create wild disco-rap anthems as PARALLEL DANCE ENSEMBLE. The pair have released their debut ‘Possessions & Obsessions’ through Permanent Vacation.

A passionate collaborator, Coco is also a member of punk-swamp quartet BADD ENERGY. With Sam Moore, Coco released a limited edition EP ‘Tropic of Scorpio’ to critical praise and even a few fans. After convincing Trixie Darko and Jeremy ‘Jsuave’ Sauvao to join, the outfit were signed to iconic label Flying Nun Records. Their record ‘Underwater Pyramids’.

In addition to music, Hansell recently completed her Masters in Creative Writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters, the respected writing program at Victoria University in Wellington. She has also the writer/creator of ‘Hook Ups’ a cartoon sitcom about down-and-out musical twins Kowhai and Monty Hook.

'Hook Ups' was originally a comic-strip and Hansell has a long history with comics and underground publishing. Her comic with artist Pritika Lal THIS IS NOT A COMIC was nominated for Best Debut Comic in 2007 at the national Eric Awards. Since then she edited the political paper FIGHT THE FIGHT and was featured in the 2008 Festival Documentary ‘The Comics Show’ (covering the history of comic-artists in New Zealand). Hansell produces an annual zine called PHILOSOFLYGIRL‘. Issue one ‘Brain Map of a Pacific Misfit’ was followed up with ‘Dracula & Chakras’.

This 2013 Coco is travelling to Seoul, Hawai'i and Berlin with her writing and music.

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