AKG Artist: Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins - Pfunkateer

Funk Bassist, Singer, Songwriter, Funk Master

Artist Type International

Artist Origin Cincinnati, Ohio

Genre Funk, psychedelic soul, rhythm and blues

Band Members Phelps "Catfish" CollinsFrankie "Kash" WaddyPhilippé Wynne

Releases "Tha Funk Capital of the World" "Living on Another Frequency"

Worked With Talib KweliHi-Tek

Awards Bass Player Magazine Lifetime Achievement

If funk could possibly be a lifestyle, then Bootsy Collins has lived it, lived it well and is still living it. The pioneering funk bassist, singer and songwriter, a big fan of AKG mics and headphones, was one of the founding members of the influential “P-Funk” sound that emerged in the 1970’s. Much of his time is now spent on his foundation and online university helping young musicians, but he continues to perform and record and still relies on AKG.

Bootsy first made a name for himself with James Brown’s backup band in the early 70’s. That gig lasted just 11 months, but Bootsy played on some of Brown’s most powerful recordings. A move to Detroit hooked him up with George Clinton and he joined Clinton’s Funkadelic. Through the early 80’s he played bass on most of the recordings by Funkadelic and Parliament, the other half of the P-Funk collective, followed by his own side project, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, an offshoot of the P-Funk collective.

Ever since, it’s been a hyperactive run for Bootsy, with solo albums and a seemingly endless list of collaborations, and both live and recorded guest appearances with a wide range of artists, including Fatboy Slim, Snoop Dog, Herbie Hancock, Buddy Miles and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the midst of all that, he and actor Cory Danziger founded Funk University, an online bass guitar school, and Bootsy established the Bootsy Collins Foundation, devoted to supporting young musicians and musical education.

“It’s all about music, and because I play bass, we have to start there,” he explains. “Because I’m known for fun, we have to start with that. But it’s really about the whole adventure of music. We want to embrace everything that has something to do with music and creating.”

When performing or recording, Bootsy looks to AKG microphones to deliver the funk. For reliable performance and the best possible sound quality on stage you’ll find him using the WMS4500 wireless microphone system that features the AKG D7 WL1 microphone head. The D7 uses AKG’s patented Varimotion diaphragm for crisp, clean sound. Depending on the venue and application, Bootsy will sometimes pair the D7 with the HT4500 handheld wireless transmitter, or at other times opt for the PT4500 wireless body-pack transmitter. Either way, he’s assured of reliable transmission.

Bootsy is also a fan of the AKG C214 large diaphragm condenser microphone that he finds ideal for both voice and instruments. It can handle up to 156dB SPL and features AKG’s patented Back-Plate Technology for outstanding performance.

For monitoring while performing, Bootsy turns to the AKG IVM4500 IEM wireless in-ear monitoring system. It’s the only system of its type to offer binaural room simulations that provide musicians and vocalists with a natural listening experience.

For Bootsy, AKG delivers the quality and reliability he needs so he can in turn focus on his performance.

“It’s not about the bunch of notes you play or how incredible you are,” he says. “It’s really what’s in your heart and what you have to say.”

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