Retail Stores


All retailers know that the trick to finalising a sale is making the customer feel comfortable in the shop environment. Background music is a major factor in creating a positive shopping experience, and attracting your target market.

JPRO works with a nationwide network of AV Integrators to provide quality audio, video and control systems. These systems can integrate with promotional messages or signage and can be customised to your retail outlet by our experienced design team.

Coverage and intelligibility are two very important considerations in all of our designs. We want to make sure that any promotional message is heard and understood by all those on your shop floor. JPRO uses computer aided design progams to accurately model the proposed system.

World leading design with local support

JPRO can design a world-class audio system for your Retail Store and then we work closely with the top AV Integrator's from all over the country. Let us help you get connected with a partner who is right for your project.

JPRO Services Provided for Retailers

  • JBL Loudspeaker Design using 3D Acoustic Modelling
  • System Tuning
  • Nationwide network of Installers for installation and on-going support


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