Professional Musician and DJ


Whether you are doing an acoustic set at a coffee shop, hosting an open mic night at your restaurant or the DJ at a party, JPRO has gear that will cover your needs. JPRO offers a range of affordable, high-performance audio solutions that are designed to reproduce sound of the highest quality. This ensures that whatever you are saying, singing or playing sounds the way it’s supposed to sound.

Portable powered loudspeakers for quick and simple setup. PA speakers for front of house. Foldback speakers and floor monitors for stage. We also supply products for DJ's, including DJ headphones, amps, mics and speakers. For bands, we offer systems from touring sound systems to rehearsal speaker systems.

Every professional musician whether you are a session musicians who performs in a recording studio or are starting your career as the member of an orchestra or band live onstage wants to have the very best in professional equipment. Whether your aim is playing your local café or Vector Arena we are happy to talk to you about your art and what and how you want to express it to your audience.



Buy the Harman range of professional audio retail products from our JPRO Retail Store jproshop and/or arrange a demo from one of our Trusted Resellers throughout New Zealand. Please contact us for a Trusted Reseller near you.