exquisite craftsmanship and reliability

JPRO supports and supplies HARMAN professional audio products for the television and radio broadcast market. Audio consoles from Studer and Soundcraft, studio and control room monitors from JBL, power amplifiers from Crown, signal processors from dbx and Lexicon, and microphones and headphones from AKG, all provide the sound quality and 24/7/365 reliability demanded by broadcasters.

Radio and television stations and networks around the world choose Studer digital audio consoles for their exquisite Swiss craftsmanship, legendary sound quality and breakthrough operator-interface designs. Every Studer console is configured and built to each broadcast facility’s specific requirements.

You will also find AKG headphones and/or microphones in almost every broadcast station in New Zealand and across the world. Why? AKG headphones have set the standard for more than 60 years with their exceptional performance and durability that professionals have come to expect and rely on.

Want to talk to our Broadcast Specialist?

Maldwyn Greenwood came to us from the South African Harman Distributor having commissioned and supported many STUDER Digital Console installs during his time. Maldwyn holds STUDER Broadcast Operator Certification and is an authorised STUDER Field Technician. Maldwyn is available to discuss your stations unique needs and offer demonstrations of the JPRO range of broadcast products.


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