Giltrap Audi Showroom

Giltrap Audi Showroom Giltrap Audi Showroom Giltrap Audi Showroom

"The Audio Showroom has an AV system for their multi-use venue - covering background music, to fashion shows and product launches."


July 2011 saw the opening of Giltrap Group's Audi Terminal, a luxury dealership that is one of only 140 in the world. With its two-storey aluminium facade and curved interior, the terminal is a reflection of the quality of the cars that are sold.

Audi is an innovative and progressive brand and the new terminal is a progressive building, so fittingly they required a high end audio system to complement this new building. Absolute Sound was engaged to provide an AV system that could handle this multi-use venue, from everyday background music, to fashion shows and product launches.

Absolute Sound approached Jpro for speakers and processing to complement their control system. The terminal posed many audio challenges as it is full of reverberant surfaces and has a high ceiling. The JBL Control 200 and Control 300 series high powered in-ceiling loudspeakers where chosen for their sleek look and exceptional performance.

6 x JBL Control328CT 8” coax ceiling speakers with 2 x JBL Control312CS 12” ceiling subwoofers were used to cover the main showroom area and 9 x JBL Control226CT 6.5” coaxial speakers cover the rest of the terminal.

A BSS Soundweb BLU-100 was installed to offer high quality processing and zoning for the building.


Installed by Absolute Sound

Programming and comissioning support by Jpro