Avantidrome Avantidrome Avantidrome

"The Harman audio solution for this complicated multi-use venue worked extremely well. Providing very good intelligibility and low spill where required"


Cambridge is fast becoming the home of many of New Zealand's' elite athletes. Our rowers have based themselves there for many years to be close to their training facilities at Lake Karapiro, and now with the opening of the Avantidrome, New Zealand's top cyclists are set to follow suite.

The collaboration of local and international expertise has resulted in a world-class, 1500 seat track arena, function rooms, training facilities and office space.

Provision approached Jpro for assistance early in the design phase. After several revisions, and with input from the team at Marshall Day Acoustics, a system was finalised.

JBL CBT-70J column arrays were selected to provide even coverage through the racked grandstand seating, while minimising spill onto the track. Seven speakers were spaced down each stand to ensure very even coverage. Each concourse is covered by 10 JBL Control 25AV speakers. The result gives a very good intelligibility measurement considering the potentially "unfriendly" acoustic environment.

CBT-70J speakers were also selected for coverage of the infield. Considerations here included use for paging and announcements during cycling meets, and functions including seated dinners. Each stand and the infield are zoned so that those areas not in use can be switched off. This is another important feature in maximising the intelligibility of the system.

Processing is provided by BSS BLU-160 and BLU-120 processors, and amplification by the new Crown DCi range of multi-channel amplifiers. Audio is distributed between processors and amplifiers using Harman's digital audio bus, BLU-Link, and the system is controlled using an interface built using Audio Architect.


Installed by Provision Technologies

Programming and technical assistance from Jpro