Large Scale Digital Broadcast Console


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Marking an enormous step forward in large-scale mixing console technology for broadcast applications, the Vista X, together with the Studer Infinity Core, offers an unsurpassed intuitive user interface, retaining the patented Vistonics and FaderGlow user interface, providing control of 800 or more audio DSP channels and more than 5,000 inputs and outputs.

Unprecedented CPU-based processing power

Big productions demand a lot of processing muscle. The new Studer Infinity Core delivers an unprecedented 800+ audio channels with superb sonic quality, and more than 5000 inputs and outputs.

And the use of CPU-based processors suggests exciting possibilities for scaling up to even larger channel counts, and for running third party algorithms.

Aviation-standard system redundancy - A first in broadcast sound mixing

The new Vista X with Quad Star technology uses four processors to achieve aviation-standard levels of redundancy in the control surface while CPU-based DSP makes it viable to provide two completely independent DSP cores running in parallel with 'instant'
change over.

Overcoming the potential single points of failure evident in conventional TDM-based systems assures total peace of mind, and also offers the possibility of two complete Vista X surfaces working on the same project at the same time, enabling very large, dual
language or multi-format productions to be undertaken with ease.

Vistonics. FaderGlow. - A revolutionary approach to stress-free mixing.

Comprehensive metering - A better view means a better the mix

VistaMix - Automated microphone mixing for unscripted panel shows

Seamless integration - Upgrading the mixer shouldn't mean changing the workflow

Surround sound made easy - Acquire. Manage. Upmix.