Intellivox Dds Beam Shaping Extended Hf


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The biggest challenge facing a sound system designer is devising a system which will have a high direct to reverberant sound ratio, maximizing the sound that arrives directly to the listeners ear, while reducing the sound energy from walls, ceilings and other acoustically reflective surfaces. With the Intellivox technologies, and WinControl software it's possible to control the vertical directivity pattern of Intellivox products and aim the sound where you want it - at the listener.

The Intellivox DSX column speakers are 134mm wide, 92 mm deep and available in 6 lengths. 1150mm, 1800mm, 2800mm, 3800mm, 4300mm and 5000mm. The longer the array, the more control you have over the directivity. They each have an array of 4 inch drivers with built in amplification and DSP and include a small horn array, extending the frequency response to 18 kHz.