Wireless Microphones

  • Dms100 Digital 2.4ghz Wireless Systems
  • Dms300 Digital 2.4 Ghz Wireless Systems
  • Dms Tetrad Digital Wireless Systems
  • Dms800 Series Digital Wireless
  • Wms45 Perception Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Wms420 Series Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Wms470 Series Install Wireless Microphone System
  • Wireless Antenna Systems
  • Wireless Accessories




  • Akg
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Wireless Microphones

AKG’s remarkable microphones and headphones are a synthesis of leading-edge industrial design, innovative electronics and world-class acoustics, producing some of the truest and most natural sound in the history of audio. JPRO is the official distributor of AKG Pro in NZ