AMPETRONIC Hearing Loop Practical Installer Course

This full day in-house training course covers all aspects of Induction Loop Systems including site surveys, installing, commissioning & troubleshooting Induction Loops and is aimed at audio-visual professionals, specifiers and contractors.

Please note - this course is by appointment only. Please contact JPRO if you wish to register your interest.


  • Understand Audio Frequency Induction Loop Basics
  • Understand & Apply International Standards
  • Assess an Environment for Suitability
  • Install both Perimeter & Array Design Hearing Loops
  • Commission a Hearing Loop & Troubleshoot Problems
  • Test & Certify a Hearing Loop as Standard Compliant


Session 1

  • Hearing Loop General Awareness
  • Hearing Loop Principles (Operation, elements & magnetic fields)
  • Important Concepts (Metal loss, displacement, spill & aspect ratio)
  • Hearing Loops Layouts (Counters, perimeters, arrays & low spill)
  • International Standards of Operation
  • Requirements of IEC60118-4
  • Summary
  • Site Assessment & Testing Procedures
  • Key Reference Questions
  • What & How to Measure
  • Test Loop Configuration
  • Testing Equipment (FSM, CMR3 & Audio Analyser)
  • Practical Site Assessment (Field Strength Meter Required)

Session 2

  • Installing Loops
  • Loop Materials
  • Loop Placement Options & Obstructions
  • Copper Tape Folding & Soldering- Interpreting Design Drawings
  • Loop(s) Construction Techniques
  • Marking Out
  • Laying the Loop Pattern
  • Cable Connections & Good Practice
  • Amplifier Connection & Mounting Options- Amplifier Features & Controls

Session 3 (Practical)

  • Create a Low Loss Phased Array

Session 4

  • Commissioning a Hearing Loop
  • Standards Requirements
  • Filling Out a Certificate of Conformity
  • FSM Meter overview & Usage Guide


  • Commission & Certify a System
  • Good Practice & Fault Finding


$99 per attendee

To complete this course you will need an AFILS loop receiver or preferably an induction loop field strength meter.

You may wish to bring your own however as part of your registration you are entitled to purchase an Ampetronic Loopworks-R1 or FSM less the cost of the course. If you wish to purchase the Loopworks-R1 or FSM please advise when you register and we will have it ready for you on the day.

Field Strength Meter W/signal Cables (This is a full stand-alone unit)

Loopworks Measure Receiver (connects to an iOS device. Requires iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad and App)


This course is now available online. Please register with Ampetronics Loopworks here to complete the online course.