Maldwyn Greenwood

Technical Support Manager | Audio System Designer

Maldwyn’s experience in audio spans over 10 years and is growing rapidly, with experience across most fields such as Broadcast, AV, Studio, Live, Music and various others. He started his career as a musician but realised early on that he was more interested in what is happening behind the scenes. He went on to study Sound Engineering at ASE in South Africa and shortly after launched himself into the industry with his first job at the state broadcaster SABC.

At a young age of 23 Maldwyn started a distribution company with the agency ADAM Audio where he grew the company beyond what anyone expected, simply because he put customers first. Three years later he became the agent for AVID Pro Audio in Southern Africa where he designed, trained and commissioned many systems and ended up working with some top artists including “Skunk Anasie”, “Kanye West”, “Prime Circle” and many more in critical “save-the-day” scenarios. His company became the leader in Professional Audio in the Studio market within South Africa.

2014 saw Maldwyn join the Harman Distributor in South Africa, Wild and Marr. He discovered the wonderful world of Harman and worked his way into every area in the audio side, expanding his knowledge of Crown, BSS, Studer, Dante and many more. Through the company and the team at Wild and Marr he designed, trained, and commissioned many systems, most of which are the pinnacle of audio design in South Africa. These designs span from Dolby ATMOS Cinemas and Post Production Studios to large scale Shopping Centres and Video Conferencing systems.

Maldwyn has also lectured at The Open Window a Post Production College where he trained young minds in audio within the film industry.

His knowledge and experience is extensive but growing, he loves to interact with customers, hear their stories and is always there to “save-the-day”. With Maldwyn’s passion and knowledge for audio he is well placed to work with you to help solve any technical issues and provide training for our networked AV and hearing loop products. His motto is: See a need, fill a need.

Please do not hesitate to contact him should you have any queries.

  • Westfield Newmarket
  • Diploma in Sound Engineering
  • AVID Pro Tools HD Technician
  • AVID Pro Tools 210P
  • Audinate Dante – Level 1, 2 & 3, DDM
  • Barco Auro 3D Field Technician
  • BSS 100, A101, 201 Certified
  • BSS Audio Programming Instructor Certified
  • Crown DCI Certification Program
  • Crown I-TECH HD Level 1 and Level 2 Certification
  • Harman Professional University (HPU) – Harman Certified Audio Professional | Programming
  • Harman Professional University (HPU) – Harman Certified Audio Professional | Design
  • JBL VTX Certification
  • Studer Broadcast Operator Certification
  • Studer Field Technician
  • Soundcraft Field Technician
Maldwyn Greenwood
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