Studer Compact Stagebox


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The Compact Stagebox adds a cost effective expansion option, offering a high density of I/O connections in only 4U of rack space. The modular unit is fully configurable but is offered with a standard configuration of 32 mic/line inputs and 16 line outputs. It is possible to equip the Compact Stagebox with an additional 16 mic/line input module instead of the output module, then providing 48 inputs. In this case, analogue or AES/ EBU outputs can still be obtained on D-Type connectors via D21m cards fitted to the expansion slots.

The expansion slots for standard Studer D21m I/O cards may be used for interfaces connecting to most popular digital formats, including CobraNet&Reg or Aviom A-Net&Reg 16, Ethersound, ADAT, TDIF, SDI (SD/HD/3G), Dolby&Reg E and Dolby&Reg Digital. A MADI recording interface can be fitted to the expansion slots as well.

The Compact Stagebox is connected to the host console using either Cat5/7 or Optical-fibre MADI, the same way as the larger 64 mic/line input Vi Stagebox is hooked up, and it shares the same redundant MADI cable capability. The unit comes complete with twin redundant power supplies, thermostatically-controlled fan cooling and full LED status monitoring. An 8-channel GPIO interface is also provided.

Available I/O modules (optional):
 16-channel XLR Mic/Line In
 16-channel XLR Line Out
 8-channel XLR Line Out + 4x2 - channel AES/EBU Out

Available D21m I/O expansion cards (optional):
 4-channel D-type Mic/Line In with 4 Direct Outputs
 8-channel D-type Line In
 8-channel D-type Line Out
 8-channel D-type AES/EBU In/ Out *
 MADI (RJ45 or optical SC), max. 64 channels of I/O *
 16-channel ADAT In/Out (optical)
 16-channel TDIF In/Out (D-type) *
 8 to 16-channel SDIF (SD/HD/3G) In or I/O on BNC sockets
 8 or 16-channel Dolby&Reg E/Digital In on BNC sockets
 CobraNet&Reg 32-channel In/Out on RJ45 sockets
 Aviom A-Net&Reg 16-channel Out on RJ45 sockets
 Ethersound&Reg 64-channel In/Out on RJ45 sockets *
(* double-width cards)