6.5in 2 Way 90x90 Deg Speaker


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An extension of the industry leading AE Series, the AE Compact family consists of high output, 2-way loudspeaker systems combining flexibility withhigh fidelity. Ranging from a single 5.25" point-and-shoot box to dual 8" loudspeaker systems designed specifically to better serve the needs of designers and
artists alike.

The ultra-compact AC15 and AC25 models include a 1" dome tweeter while the AC16, AC26, AC18, and AC28 models feature 1" exit compression drivers providing sonic clarity and crisp detail. Furthermore, the AC18 and AC28 featuring JBL's Progressive TransitionT rotatable waveguides, offer the system designer a choice of coverage patterns of either 90? x 50? or 120? x 60? configurations allowing for both vertical and horizontal orientation of the loudspeaker enclosure.

The AC16 is an ultra-compact fullrange loudspeaker system designed to provide maximum bandwidth and SPL in a single system package and yet be visually unobtrusive. The enclosure design allows for installation very close to walls and ceilings making it an ideal choice for under balcony, column, or wall mounting.

Key Features :

- 1 inch Exit Compression Driver with 90x90 degree Coverage PT Waveguide
- 165 mm or 6.5 in LF transducer
- Ultra compact enclosure
- 400W Program
- Dual Neutrik NL4 connectors plus screw terminal
- Attachment points for optional U-bracket, third part OmniMount type bracket and stand mount accessory
- Also available in WHITE (-WH)