Dual 31 Band Graphic Eq


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The FCS-960 is a 30-band graphic equaliser featuring Dual Mode switching between Normal and Fine filter width settings on each channel. The FCS-960 provides two channels in 3U of rack space. Constant Q-filters with filter-bypass centre taps are controlled by high grade, 45mm faders with moulded polymer fader knobs which eliminate visual parallax error even under low light conditions. Also included are sweepable/switchable Hi-pass filter, gain control and electronic balanced inputs and outputs.

- Long, 45mm fader travel for precise adjustment
- Advanced constant-Q filter topologies for sonic transparency and consistent selectivity
- Fader centre-tap by-passes filter at zero setting
- Selectable normal or fine filter response modes provide the choice between response contouring or selective tuning in the same unit
- Fully variable 18dB per octave high-pass filter with by-pass
- GAIN control for system loudness normalisation
- Peak CLIP led for channel overload warning
- Custom-designed fader knobs for better viewing angles
- ETL (UL) Approved
- Power fail relay by-pass
- Electronically balanced inputs and outputs as standard, with optional transformer balancing