Drivecore 4|600w 4/8ohm 100v Network Amp


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The DriveCore™ install series represent the latest in amplifier technology. Based on proprietary and patented Harman DriveCore™ technology, these amplifiers are the next generation of PWM technology using cutting-edge Class D amplifier topologies. The DriveCore™ Install Network amplifiers include:

Network Monitoring and Control via Audio Architect
BLU-Link Digital Audio Transport
Analog Inputs
Programmable GPIO's
Digital Signal Processing

ANALOG & DIGITAL INPUTS - With digital audio transport via HARMAN's proprietary BLU-Link, plus balanced analog inputs, DCi gives you a tremendous audio advantage - at a much lower cost. The priority input router allows you to specify a primary input, and if audio is lost the amp automatically switches to the other input.

NETWORK MONITORING & CONTROL - Better monitoring, control and audio manipulation with the HiQnet™ protocol that's over standard TCP/IP. Remotely see how all networked DCi amplifiers are performing and control them as needed. In addition, this allows Audio Architect software and the Powered by Crown app to work with DCi amplifiers.

PROGRAMMABLE GENERAL PURPOSE INPUT/OUTPUT PORTS - GPIO ports can be configured in many different ways, such as volume controls, recall presets, or to report errors to a master computer.

DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING - DSP capabilities include the following:

LevelMAX Limiters
Input/Output EQ
Matrix Mixer
Speaker Line Monitoring


Dual Mode (All Ch. Driven)
2|300N 2|600N 4|300N 4|600N 8|300N 8|600N
2-ohm 150W 300W 150W 300W 150W 300W
4-ohm 300W 600W 300W 600W 300W 600W
8-ohm 300W 600W 300W 600W 300W 600W
16-ohm 150W 300W 150W 300W 150W 300W
70Vrms 300W 600W 300W 600W 300W 600W
100Vrms 300W 600W 300W 600W 300W 600W

Minimum Guaranteed Power 20 Hz - 20 kHz