Ddm Gold Edition License (usd 3,995)


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DDM Gold:

Suited to many mid-sized business environments, allowing for easy management of multiple rooms and public spaces. 10 x Domains, 50 x Nodes. Includes 1-year Support and Maintenance

Licences enable the creation of Dante domains to isolate and organise audio devices, permission-driven user accounts, cross-subnet routing of audio, and powerful administrative features to monitor user actions and system status in key areas.

Dante Domain Manager is sold as a perpetual license and is available in three editions: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


Ideal for smaller installations, such as a conference room, reception area, house of worship or classroom.


Suited to many mid-sized business environments, allowing for easy management of multiple rooms and public spaces.


Designed for organisations with many users, rooms and devices in multiple buildings spread over large areas.


- Create and manage domains
- Configure domains across subnets
- Dashboards and alerts
- Detailed audit log
- Automatic discovery of Dante devices
- Responsive browser interface
- User definition and role management
- Virtual server support
- System backup and restore
- Secure, encrypted control traffic
- Route audio between Dante domains
- Enhanced event and alert filtering (Gold & Platinum Only)
- LDAP and Active Directory integration (Gold & Platinum Only)
- High Availability redundancy (Platinum Only)
- SNMP alerts (Platinum Only)

* Add additional domain and node capacity with Platinum expansion packs.

Features Added in New Version of Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager Now Supports over 1,000 Devices - For larger Dante installations, customers can purchase expansion packs for the Platinum Edition to support up to 1,050 devices per instance of Dante Domain Manager.

Automatic Discovery for Legacy Devices - The automatic device discovery service that customers have grown accustomed to with 4.0 firmware devices, has now been extended to legacy (pre-v4.0) devices. This makes it easier to for products with and without the 4.0 firmware to co-exist in Dante Domain Manager.

Network Diagnostics Report - Designed to accelerate setup, configuration and troubleshooting, the Network Diagnostics Report provides instant visibility of basic network configuration via connectivity, DHCP, DNS and Internet reachability tests.

Available in the Network & Security settings, it is now just a single click to quickly establish if there are any fundamental configuration errors on the network.

Editable Domain Names - Customers can now rename Dante domains without having to delete and recreate them.