20mm Flat Coppertape Csa3.0mm 50m Roll


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Ampetronic flat copper tape (cable) is the default choice when installing loop cable under floor coverings such as carpet, wood, laminate, tiles or linoleum. The cable will not be visible under most floor coverings and is generally secured to the floor with Printed Warning Tape that alerts tradespeople, such as carpet fitters to its presence.

The tape can attached to feeder cables using crimps or soldering and plastic extrusion is available to cover it in high traffic areas. There are three sizes of flat cable available depending on application. The insulating layer of the cable is bonded to the copper for better handling.

Applications Include:
Under floor perimeter loops
Under floor Multiloops / Phased Array
Can be fitted under most coverings with no effect on the magnetic field.
- Carpet
- Vinyl
- Linoleum
- Wood
- Laminate
- Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles
- On top of metal decking (requires high power driver and appropriate loop design)

Standards Compliance
Ampetronic Flat Copper Tape is UL recognised for fire retardancy and uses RoHS compliant, halogen free, non-toxic polyester insulation.

Installation note
When installed, Ampetronic flat copper tape is not normally visible through carpets and floor coverings. However, if used under particularly thin floor coverings, the line of the tape may be slightly visible. The installer is responsible for confirming the compatibility of all materials before they are used in any project. To turn a corner, the tape is folded over. To terminate, tin the end of the tape with a good soldering iron, melting the plastic coat with the solder. Solder on a wire (or the next length of tape) to the copper tape, and insulate with electrical tape.

Part Number Width Thickness (CSA) Current Length Weight
ACFB50U20 20mm 0.15mm 3.0mm2 22A Max 50m 1.5kg